About Hotel Hell

Hotel Hell was a reality show that aired on FOX for three seasons from 2012 to 2016. The series followed Chef Gordon Ramsay on a quest to fix horrid hotels, awful inns and just plain bad bed and breakfasts.

After more than a decade of running restaurants in some of the world’s top hotels, Ramsay knows firsthand the crucial importance of surpassing guests’ highest expectations. In Hotel Hell, Ramsay endured hotels at their worst – from filthy bedrooms to mold-ridden bathrooms to dreadful room service and incompetent staff – all so unsuspecting guests didn’t have to.

After he uncovered the most pressing issues at each place, Ramsay put hapless hotel owners and employees to work as he attempted to turn around their failing establishments, doing all he can to rescue the floundering hotels. Some owners worked with Ramsay to address the issues he identified, while others refused to take the advice they sought out, and faced the consequences. But, in the end, it was all up to the owners and staff to keep their hotels open.

The success of each business was truly on the line, so one thing was certain: if they didn’t take Ramsay's advice and make the changes required to meet his impeccable standards, they would never check out of Hotel Hell.

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