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Adam Scott & Craig Robinson Take Fans Calls From The Bureau Underground Hotline
Adam Scott & Craig Robinson listen to "The Bureau Underground Hotline" messages and leave some tips for their callers.
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Leroy And Max Are A Packaged Deal
The Bureau Underground introduces themselves to Leroy and Max.
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Max And Leroy Get Kidnapped
Max (Adam Scott) and Leroy (Craig Robinson) meet each other for the first time in the back of a top secret government agency van.
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Craig Robinson & Adam Scott Partake In A Game Of Laser Tag At Comic-Con 2017
Craig Robinson & Adam Scott play laser tag at the GHOSTED attraction at Comic-Con 2017.
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GHOSTED Panel At Comic-Con 2017
Kevin Etten, Tom Gormican, Ally Walker, Craig Robinson and Adam Scott sit down to discuss their new show, GHOSTED.
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Fans React To A Screening Of GHOSTED
Fans are loving the pilot episode of GHOSTED at 2017 Comic-Con.