About the Show

During a time when most of America is longing for the ability to travel the world, people are looking for little escapes from their own day-to-day routines. Enter Bucket List Bistro - a quick fix to satiate the collective wanderlust. This serialized content will give viewers a taste of the travel they crave, one location and dish at a time. 

Inspired by being stuck at home due to COVID-19 and being a parent of young children, Christy Carlson Romano is constantly fantasizing about where she would like to visit once this pandemic becomes a thing of the past. Knowing that many others are feeling this way right now too, Bucket List Bistro will help them feel a little closer to the places they are hoping to visit next In this Taste of FOX original show, Christy will take viewers to different, exotic and exciting locales with dishes and recipes from places on her travel bucket list. This 8-part series will help people feel connected to the world they are longing to explore again.