About BOOM!

BOOM! was a game show that aired on FOX for one season in 2015, which fused family entertainment with the thrill and intensity of a blockbuster action movie.

Full of comedy, color, tension and excitement, BOOM! was a general knowledge quiz show that challenged teams of three players to defuse the game show’s ticking slime-bombs, by cutting the wires relating to the correct answers and leaving the wrong answers untouched. If players got it right, they won big money. If they got it wrong, after a tense countdown, the slime-bombs detonated, showering the players – and portions of the audience – with mystery goop that could be anything from guacamole to mashed potatoes, forcing the players out of the game.  

As the game progressed and teams successfully defused the slime-bombs, the prize money built up and the questions got harder. After six tense rounds of questions, players could choose to walk away with their winnings or to take on the more challenging “Mega Money Bomb Round,” during which they stood to win up to $500,000. One mistake, and not only did they lose half of their money, but the team was faced with the biggest slime blast yet. If they answered correctly, the Mega Money Bomb could be filled with cold hard cash!

The BOOM! stage showcased unique 3-D projection mapping technology which featured 1.3 million LED lights driven by more than 100 computers to create visual effects that took over the entire set.

Executive-produced by Jeff Apploff (“Don’t Forget the Lyrics”), and co-executive produced by Bob Boden (“The Chase”), BOOM! was created by Keshet and Ido Rosenblum. 

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