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The Devil In The Details

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Air Date 2/4/10


FATHER PATRICK and altar boy WILLIAM prepare for mass at St. Dominic's Catholic Church. Father Patrick blesses the holy water but William has a hard time being prayerful. What is that smell? They rush to the altar and find a burning corpse with horns!

BRENNAN drives while BOOTH encourages her to behave at the crime scene. She tends to get blasphemous near churches. Father Patrick greets the partners at the scene. He is deeply disturbed that the victim has horns. Booth crosses himself as they approach the remains. Brennan smells an accelerant. She confirms that the horns are real and appear to be composed of bone.

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Episode Title Description Air Date Expires
9/22 The Nail in the... (42:51)  
The Nail in the CoffinThe team gets closer to discovering the identity of the ghost killer.
04/21/2014 09/21/2014
9/21 The Cold in the Case (43:21)  
The Cold in the CaseA murder victim is found cryogenically frozen.
04/14/2014 09/21/2014
9/20 The High in the Low (43:44)  
The High in the LowThe use of medical marijuana to treat pain affects the Jeffersonian team.
04/07/2014 09/21/2014
9/19 The Turn in the Urn (42:12)  
The Turn in the UrnThe Jeffersonian team investigates the remains of three people in one urn.
03/31/2014 09/21/2014
9/18 The Carrot in the... (42:59)  
The Carrot in the KudzuThe team investigates the murder of an actor on a children's TV show.
03/24/2014 09/21/2014


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