FOX Advertising Guidelines

FOX Corporation (“FOX”) sells commercial announcement time for the advertising of goods and services and for institutional, political or other appropriate advertising.

Advertising presented on FOX properties must be truthful, appropriate and meet all Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”), Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”), and other legal requirements, as well as comply with FOX guidelines. To that end, FOX has compiled the document in the below link to assist advertisers in the production of advertisements intended for placement on FOX properties.

 These guidelines are neither all-inclusive nor exhaustive. Moreover, we recognize that these guidelines will change over time as the broadcast media and societal standards continue to evolve. Therefore, the guidelines are not intended as a substitute for continuing dialogue with FOX Commercial Clearance personnel, and FOX cannot be responsible for production decisions made or other actions taken in reliance solely on the content of these guidelines. The acceptability of an advertisement always depends on evaluation of the advertisement itself.

 If you have any questions or concerns regarding any specific guideline or submission, please contact the appropriate executive in FOX Commercial Clearance.

Download: FOX Advertising Guidelines

Download: Commercial Clearance Assignment and Contact List

Download: FOX Commercial Clearance Review Submission Requirements

Download: Network Operations Delivery Requirements and Technical Specifications


Any questions or comments regarding the content of this manual may be addressed to the Vice President of Commercial Clearance. Questions regarding the clearance status of commercials, scripts, and/or storyboards may be addressed to the Assistant.

Maryana DeZarlo, Vice President

Office: (212) 556-8109


Arianna Galati, Assistant

Office: (212) 556-2560