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The One That Got Away

Aired: 10/5/08

Roger's drinking gets out of control, in the process Roger's identity gets stolen and is ruining his credit. Roger in turn destroys the life of Sidney, sabotaging everything. 4 days earlier... Roger's alter ego Sidney Huffman. (Roger's opposite) puts a hit out on himself. When Roger drinks he gets bent and when he wakes up becoming like Jekyll and Hyde. Roger barely escapes the hitman. He is scared as all hell and poses as Sidney to call off the hit. He goes to Sidney's girlfriend to find out his password to cancel the hit. He makes up with Sidney and comes to an agreement. The family fails at the intervention, but become addicted to an old 'Simon' kids game.

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Episode Title Description Air Date Expires
10/16 She Swill Survive (21:38)  
She Swill SurviveStan uses Hayley to break into the "inner circle."
04/13/2014 09/21/2014
10/15 Honey, I'm Homeland (21:38)  
Honey, I'm HomelandStan infiltrates a terrorist organization.
04/06/2014 09/21/2014
10/14 Stan Goes on the... (21:38)  
Stan Goes on the PillStan takes an experimental drug that instantly turns him into a "woman."
03/30/2014 09/21/2014
10/13 I Ain't No Holodeck... (21:33)  
I Ain't No Holodeck BoyStan shares his childhood memories.
03/23/2014 09/21/2014
10/12 Introducing the... (21:38)  
Introducing the Naughty StewardessesRoger forges a radical plan to help Steve date the hot girl at school
03/16/2014 05/18/2014

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