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Aired May 5 2015Episode 6

The group goes to a lesbian bar, where Caryn and Stosh compete for the same woman, and Zara is conflicted between keeping Eric as her darts partner or letting him know that the bar’s patrons think he’s one of them.

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Aired Apr 28 2015Episode 5

Stosh and Eric visit Stosh’s 12-year-old son, Frank, for the first time, and they bond over watching “The Godfather.”

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Aired Apr 21 2015Episode 4

As a favor, Caryn reluctantly goes on a date with a nerdy guy from Eric's human chess league.

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Aired Apr 14 2015Episode 3

Caryn, Zara and Eric find out the truth about Stosh.

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Aired Apr 7 2015Episode 2

Caryn travels to Florida to tell her grandmother the truth about having broken off her wedding engagement.

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Aired Mar 31 2015Episode 1

Find out what happens when a high-strung romantic, a serial womanizer, a free-spirited heartbreaker and a sheltered man-child are unexpectedly thrust in a Queens, NY, townhouse.

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Aired May 5 2015
Episode 6
Aired Apr 28 2015
Episode 5
Aired Apr 21 2015
Episode 4
Aired Apr 14 2015
Episode 3
Aired Apr 7 2015
Episode 2
Aired Mar 31 2015
Episode 1