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Aired Mar 24 2015Episode 21

Mindy starts to question Danny's commitment to their relationship when he's a no-show for dinner with her parents.

Aired Mar 17 2015Episode 20

Mindy struggles with her body image as her baby bump begins to show, so she agrees to meet with Sheena, an aspiring personal stylist.

Aired Mar 10 2015Episode 19

When Danny's priest dies after hearing Danny's confession, he frantically tries to find a new priest so he can atone for his sins.

Aired Mar 3 2015Episode 18

Mindy's fertility clinic is open for business.

Aired Feb 24 2015Episode 17

Danny makes a deal with Mindy that he will stop smoking if she stops eating poorly.

Season 3

Aired Mar 24 2015
Episode 21
Aired Mar 17 2015
Episode 20
Aired Mar 10 2015
Episode 19
Aired Mar 3 2015
Episode 18
Aired Feb 24 2015
Episode 17