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  • MasterChef - MasterChef - In the next team
challenge, the remaining home cooks prepare romantic dinners for couples
celebrating their anniversaries in the MASTERCHEF restaurant. While preparing
for the main course, Gordon Ramsay introduces a special guest for the evening,
his wife, who will be dining in with Ramsay that evening. The team that receives
the most number of votes from the couples will be safe from elimination, while
the losing team will have to face the next pressure test and create their own
truffle recipes for a box of chocolates. Find out whose victory is sweet and
who will be sent home in the all-new “Top 12 Compete” episode of MASTERCHEF
airing Monday, July 28 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (MCH-510)  (TV-14; L) 
CC-AD-HDTV 720p-Dolby Digital 5.1 [VIEWER'S NOTE:  An Encore of this episode airs this Friday]
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    - The remaining home cooks prepare romantic dinners

  • Hotel Hell - Hotel Hell - Gordon Ramsay checks
into a historic building in Longview, WA, where the Hotel Monticello is
celebrating its 90th anniversary. While picturesque from the outside, through
the doors of the hotel lie a plethora of issues – the first being that owner
Philip Lovingfoss is struggling to come to terms with his alcohol addiction. With
the staff feeling neglected and underpaid, Ramsay needs to help Lovingfoss get
back on track, both personally and professionally. With quite the task ahead of
him, can Ramsay stage the intervention needed, or will this hotel close its
doors just shy of its 90th anniversary? Find out in the all-new “Monticello
Hotel” episode of HOTEL HELL airing Monday, July 28 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on
FOX. (HOT-202)  (TV-14; D, L)  CC-AD-HDTV 720p-Dolby Digital 5.1  PA: Viewer discretion is advised.
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    Hotel Hell

    - Gordon checks into a hotel celebrating its 90th Anniversary

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