Jimmy Chance is the young single father who became a dad when he got a serial killer pregnant during a one-night stand. When his baby-mama Lucy was apparently executed for killing her ex-boyfriends, Jimmy became the legal guardian of Princess Beyonce. Jimmy took the baby home to live with him, his mother, father, and grandmother, and they renamed the little girl Hope.

Jimmy doesn't have a life plan, even though he's a talented artist. Although he remains a consummate underachiever, Jimmy discovered that he was actually a child prodigy. But after he was hit by a miniature golf club, his dreams of becoming a singer and piano virtuoso died. For now, he works bagging groceries at Howdy's Market.

At the store Jimmy works alongside Sabrina, the girl he has a crush on. Even though she had a boyfriend, he was standing by so he could jump in if Sabrina and Wyatt broke up. Jimmy patiently watched Sabrina's tumultuous relationship with Wyatt, including a brief engagement. Finally at wits' end over his unrequited love, Jimmy took a drastic step and recruited a fake girlfriend to make Sabrina jealous. But when his plan backfired, he made a last-ditch effort to bag the girl of his dreams and was finally successful when he expressed his true feelings to her.

Still, Sabrina isn't the only woman in Jimmy's life. Continuously pushing himself to be a better man for baby Hope, Jimmy is always trying new things, like being more of a daredevil or studying for his GED test. And even though he might dream of an It's a Wonderful Life scenario without a child to care for, Jimmy realizes that a world without Hope isn't worthwhile.

Even though Jimmy is very close to his family, he has managed to keep a dark secret from them. As a televised expose on the past reveals, Jimmy married Lucy when she was on death row. He was shocked to find out that his bride didn't die but was released from prison and wanted custody of baby Hope. Luckily for Jimmy, Lucy had a deadly run-in with Smokey Floyd's bus.

Lucas Neff's acting career began as an accident when his application at the University of Illinois was misprocessed and the school assigned him to the performing arts department by mistake. After graduating from college, he went on to study at the School at Steppenwolf.

Neff's theater credits include "Jon," "Talk Radio," "Honest" and "Hamlet." Earlier this year, his first play, "The Last Duck," was produced in Chicago. His film credits include John Sayles' "Amigo," with Chris Cooper and RAISING HOPE co-star Garret Dillahunt.

He currently resides in Los Angeles.