How to Use

Requires a smartphone with a camera and internet connection

    Download a QR scanner application to your smartphone.

  • 2. LAUNCH & AIM


    When you see a FOX Code, launch your QR scanner application and aim your phone's camera at the FOX Code.

  • 3. ENJOY

    The FOX Code takes you instantly to videos, photos, behind-the-scenes clips, interviews and more.


Can anyone use the FOX Code?
Anyone with a smartphone and a QR scanner can use the FOX Code.
What is a QR scanner?
A QR (Quick Response) scanner is an application on your smartphone that can read and process a QR Code.
Do I have a QR scanner?
Some smartphones come with a QR scanner built in. If your smartphone does not have a QR scanner, there are apps available to download.
How do I download a QR scanner?
If your smartphone does not already have a QR scanner, access the application store from your smartphone and search for "QR Scanner" to download. There are many free or paid applications from which to choose.
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