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Aired May 21 2017Episode 9

Dan tries to help Chris get his job back by using the time travel card alongside Dr. Cobell, but problems arise and a medical emergency ensues.

Aired May 7 2017Episode 8

John Hancock and Sam Adams immediately become attracted to the same woman and decide to organize a duel for her love.

Aired Apr 30 2017Episode 7

Chris enlists the aid of John Hancock and Samuel Adams to help ensure that he holds onto his tenure.

Aired Apr 23 2017Episode 6

Dan, Deb and Chris become trapped in 1920s Chicago when Al Capone steals their time travel bag.

Aired Apr 2 2017Episode 5

The trio decides to make some money so Deb can buy an ice cream parlor; Chris comes up with a plan to benefit from a fixed World Series baseball game

Aired Mar 26 2017Episode 4

The group journeys back to the 1990s to let Dan try to accomplish his childhood dream of conquering the "Bellybuster" ice cream sundae

Aired Mar 19 2017Episode 3

Deborah begins to question her new relationship with Dan after finding out that he is not the prolific inventor that he claimed to be in 1776

Aired Mar 12 2017Episode 2

Dan and Deb travel back to the 1700s to try to rescue Chris and help start the Revolutionary War.

Aired Mar 5 2017Episode 1

Having recently discovered time travel, Dan transports himself back to the 1700s to spend time with the colonial woman