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Aired May 29 2017Episode 18

Lucifer attempts to protect Charlotte from Chloe when she mistakenly burns a man to death in self-defense.

Aired May 22 2017Episode 17

Mom joins Chloe and Lucifer as they pursue the person who murdered the man possessing the last piece of the Flaming Sword.

Aired May 16 2017Episode 16

The prime suspect in an insane asylum murder, who claims to be God, begins to pique Lucifer's interest as he believes that he could really be his father.

Aired May 9 2017Episode 15

The pressure is on for Lucifer to control what he has never been able to control before - his emotions.

Aired May 1 2017Episode 14

Lucifer distances himself from his family and the police department after Chloe's near death, but appears to help solve the murder of a rising guitarist.

Aired Jan 30 2017Episode 13

Lucifer must find the antidote to the Professor’s poison, so he travels to hell to find the Professor’s soul.

Aired Jan 23 2017Episode 12

Lucifer and Chloe investigate a mysterious masked killer who is poisoning college students.

Aired Jan 16 2017Episode 11

Lucifer and Chloe investigate the murder of two victims, who happen to be Lucifer’s ex-flames.

Aired Nov 28 2016Episode 10

Charlotte is determined to get Lucifer to leave Earth by turning Chloe against him.

Aired Nov 21 2016Episode 9

Lucifer must deal with the new owner of his building that wants to evict him and demolish the place.

Aired Nov 14 2016Episode 8

Lucifer and Chloe investigate a string of violent stabbings revolving around a local yoga studio.

Aired Nov 7 2016Episode 7

New evidence suggests that the man convicted of killing Chloe’s father was actually framed.

Aired Oct 31 2016Episode 6

A guilty and self-destructive Lucifer clashes with Chloe during an investigation, leading her to team up with Dan instead.

Aired Oct 24 2016Episode 5

Lucifer is excited to investigate the murder of his favorite action movie hero, Wesley Cabot.

Aired Oct 17 2016Episode 4

Chloe and Lucifer are on the hunt for a killer after two young LA transplants are found poisoned.

Aired Oct 10 2016Episode 3

Lucifer and Chloe investigate a gruesome murder after a video of the crime surfaces on social media.

Aired Oct 3 2016Episode 2

When Lucifer’s mother turns up at the scene of a grizzly murder pleading innocence, he is hesitant to believe her tale.

Aired Sep 19 2016Episode 1

Lucifer is distracted by his mother’s escape from hell as he and Chloe investigate the murder of a stand-in actress.