Knock Knock Live


When you rely on a car to get you through life's daily hurdles, living in constant fear that it will break down is the last thing you want. And taking care of your car, we can all agree, shouldn't take over your life.

#KnockKnockLive tonight at 9/8c on @FOXTV

Knock Knock Live kicked off its feel-good summer run Tuesday with an episode that took us from Southern California to Atlanta, GA to Nashville, TN, and all with one thing on its mind: make good things happen for good people.

About the Show

KNOCK KNOCK LIVE is a can’t-miss, life-changing weekly television event, packed with unpredictable and thrilling surprises that enlists friends, families, neighbors and celebrities to help grant wishes with one simple knock on the door.
From acclaimed live television producers, Simon Fuller and dick clark productions, the series features the KNOCK KNOCK LIVE host in a Los Angeles-based studio, while the KNOCK KNOCK LIVE team travels across the country, to any city at any time, surprising unsuspecting people at their front doors with a chance to win big cash prizes, meet their favorite celebrities and turn their wildest dreams into reality.
What if someone knocked on your door and offered you thousands of dollars for naming nine kids who live on your block? Could you do it? A knock at someone else’s door and it could be their favorite professional basketball player who challenges them to a game of H-O-R-S-E, with a chance to win courtside seats. KNOCK KNOCK! Who’s there? It could be the biggest pop star in the world performing a concert on your front lawn! This series will take an ordinary day and make it unforgettable