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Aired Apr 27 2017Episode 8

After the final three remaining teams deal with an early elimination challenge, the winning teams must get ready for a final mental and physical challenge.

Aired Apr 20 2017Episode 7

Tensions rise as some of the participants must continue without alliances; food causes the participants to make some difficult choices.

Aired Apr 13 2017Episode 6

Significant secrets are exposed as the team members become better acquainted with one another

Aired Apr 6 2017Episode 5

The competition gets strategic when the teams realize they are only one elimination challenge away from making it to the Top Five.

Aired Mar 30 2017Episode 4

The six remaining teams prepare to compete for a spot in the top five, but a prize challenge reward leads to a romance between rival contestants.

Aired Mar 23 2017Episode 3

The teams begin to fear eliminations as the contest continues, though emotions run high at the camp making things difficult for the teams

Aired Mar 16 2017Episode 2

Kristen is faced with a serious allergic reaction that puts her and her team mate in a predicament

Aired Mar 9 2017Episode 1

Ten no-nonsense survivalists are paired with 10 novices, who have little to no survival training, and are forced to adjust to jungle life in Fiji.