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The Roosevelt Hotel

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Aired: 9/3/12

Gordon Ramsay visits the Roosevelt Inn, a 16-bedroom converted schoolhouse in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. It is owned and run by a former student there, John Hough, who had signed the purchase papers and then called his wife Tina to let her know what he had done. The dental office assistant was not happy to learn she was now an innkeeper.

Once a month at the Roosevelt, John stages a murder mystery party and dinner. In the meantime, Tina and her daughter/assistant innkeeper Lorien do everything. As the business has suffered, so has John and Tina's marriage. Unless Gordon can get the Roosevelt on the road to recovery, John and Tina will lose everything.

Oblivious to the problems, John's performance never stops. His shtick begins at check-in when he tells guests, "I'll ask you questions. You'll give me answers." On top of it all, John is more focused on dressing up than on being an innkeeper.

As he drives into town, Gordon is not thrilled to see the old-fashioned billboard promoting the inn. When he pulls up out front, he finds a grim façade. And, once inside, he's overcome by an unpleasant odor.

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