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River Rock Inn

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Aired: 9/3/12

Two years ago chef and restaurateur Ken Pisciotta became to proud owner of the River Rock Inn in Milford, Pennsylvania. But soon after Ken got his hands on the keys, his dream turned into a nightmare. The guests are far from impressed with the accommodations - or lack thereof. The peeling wallpaper, exposed electrical outlets and absence of simple amenities such as soap and shampoo leave them wanting for much more.

At 48 Ken is single, living at the inn and drowning in hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt. The more the business fails, the more controlling he becomes. His staff is miserable. Head Chef Seth Van Benschoten remarks that everyone walks on eggshells around Ken.

When Gordon Ramsay arrives, no one greets him at the front door. After he pokes around a bit, Assistant Innkeeper Karen Loeschorn finally comes to say hello. She takes him upstairs to his room. When she tells him the hotel was built in the 1880s, Gordon asks if it was decorated in the same era as well.

In his room, Gordon unearths a slew of dead bugs, and a cockroach welcoming committee greets him in the bathroom. Back out in the hall, he finds a random chair propped in the corner. Karen tells him it's the Wi-Fi hot spot for the building.

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