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Cambridge Hotel

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Aired: 8/20/12

Gordon Ramsay visits the historic Cambridge Hotel in Upstate New York. The 16-bedroom establishment includes a large restaurant and has been in business for almost 150 years. The hotel now belongs to ex-military man and local lawyer John Imhof, who had persuaded his family to help him buy the hotel in 2007 - but unfortunately John and his wife Tina don't have any previous hospitality experience.

It seems that the hotel's guests frequently complain of shortcomings that range from dirty rooms to missing amenities such as remote controls for the TVs. Rich Wilson, John's executive chef, says his boss is "a control freak." General manager Brittany Thomas says John's overbearing approach leaves her hands tied. In the meantime, they are $750,000 in debt, and Tina is no longer willing to keep putting the family's money into the business.

When Gordon walks up to the Cambridge Hotel, he reads a sign that says "Home of Pie à la Mode," a bit of trivia that is new to him. In the lobby he finds another placard that reads "R.I.P.," and Brittany explains that this refers to the ghost of four-year-old Alice, a girl who died there in 1913 and reportedly haunts the hotel today. As Brittany shows Gordon to his room, he sees that the staircase to the third floor, where Alice "lives," is roped off.

When Gordon arrives in his room, he is not so pleasantly surprised by the floral-on-floral-on-floral décor. He then inspects the rough towels in the bath and hole-filled linens on the bed. Next he meets with the owners and tells them their hotel is stunning - until you get inside.

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