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Juniper Hill Inn, Pt.1

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Aired: 8/13/12

In the debut episode of Hotel Hell, Chef Gordon Ramsay visits the historic Juniper Hill Inn, which sits on a hilltop in the quaint village of Windsor, Vermont. Built in 1902, the country mansion boasts 28 luxurious bedrooms and two grand dining rooms. The inn's owners, antiques dealer Robert Dean II and his boyfriend, Ari Nikki, have filled the hotel with artworks and collectibles. Robert hoped to make Juniper Hill an elite country estate destination, but now it's barely functioning.

The initial problem stems from the fact that Robert has no hotel or restaurant experience. As a result, the eatery prices are too steep for the locals, and rooms run $350 a night with a two-night minimum stay. There's also a lack of communication between the boss and the staff. With bookings at an all-time low, the hotel is in serious financial trouble.

Yet Robert is living a millionaire's dream. He treats the inn like it's a playground for himself and his friends - comping their meals and rooms, while the servers go without tips. They owners are even having a hard time paying their employees, including estate manager Ryan Rediker.

Before he goes to the inn, Chef Ramsay stops in town to see what the locals have to say. One business proprietor tells him that the hotel is beautiful but on the high end for the area. She adds that she feels as if she'd be intruding if she were to visit Juniper Hill.

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