• Gordon tries to talk some sense into the party boy managers of Murphy's Hotel.


  • The staff of Murphy's Hotel is excited to check out Gordon's modifications to the 200 year old landmark.


  • Gordon encourages the staff of Murphy's Hotel to accept and promote changes throughout the historic hotel.


  • Gordon proudly assists with the re-opening of Murphy's Hotel.


  • Head Chef, Joel, found new pride in his work thanks to Gordon's changes.


  • Gordon reminds General Manager, Brian, that actions speak louder than words.


  • The staff of The Curtis House is excited for a new beginning.


  • Gordon is ready to present his version of The Curtis House.


  • Gordon introduces The Curtis House to an updated reservation system.


  • The Curtis House now offers newly modernized rooms.


  • Gordon prepares the table for a grand tasting at The Curtis House.


  • The Curtis House Family Favorites is the newly featured menu offering the family's favorite dishes.


  • The staff at The Curtis House gladly approves of Gordon's modified version of their menu.


  • In Pipestone, MN sits The Calumet Inn, a once-historic Midwestern hotel run by two sisters.

  • Gordon arrives at The Calumet Inn only to find an exceptionally small staff.

  • The staff of The Calumet Inn is ready for a new beginning.

  • Gordon introduces the newly remodeled rooms at The Calumet Inn.

  • The Calumet Inn now offers a fabulous fitness center.

  • The fitness room is just one of the many newly featured additions at The Calumet Inn.

  • Gordon presents a fresh, new Thai menu to be featured at the restaurant.

  • Gordon gives Rina and Vanda goldfish in an attempt to teach them both responsibility.

  • The staff at the Four Seasons Inn is ready for a change.


  • Gordon presents breaking news to the Four Seasons Inn staff.


  • With a new chef and a new menu, there is hope for the Four Seasons Inn, newly renamed, Layla's Riverside Lodge.


  • Gordon introduces the newly remodeled rooms that each include organic linens and freshly steamed carpets.


  • The remodeled kennel at the newly named, Layla's Riverside Lodge, offers a great play area for visiting dogs.


  • Sandy takes pride in getting to know his visiting guests.


  • The staff prepares for an exciting opening night of Layla's Riverside Lodge.


  • Gordon's work is done at Layla's Riverside Lodge.


  • Gordon confirms that the food is just as bad as the rooms at The Hotel Chester.

  • Gordon is appalled with the mix of ingredients found in his sushi rolls at The Hotel Chester.

  • A new menu is introduced to The Hotel Chester's Beer Garden.

  • Gordon Ramsay arrives at the Applegate River Lodge in Applegate, Oregon.

  • The Davis family reveals their issues with communication.

  • Gordon and Joanna Davis inspect one of the dreadful rooms at the Applegate River Lodge.

  • Gordon takes a look at photos of the original construction of the Applegate River Lodge.

  • The Davis family is in shock by the new lobby at the Applegate River Lodge.

  • Gordon launches a new reservation system for the Applegate River Lodge.

  • Gordon introduces a new dynamic menu to be served at the Applegate River Ranch House.

  • Gordon suprises the Davis family with an additional four rooms featured outside the lodge.

  • Plans for outside festivals are now in the making with Gordon's new stage set up.

  • The remodel celebration is a success at the Applegate River Lodge.

  • Gordon hopes to forget about his first day at the Meson de Mesilla with a quick dip in the pool, but it's too disgusting.

  • For breakfast, Gordon visits a food truck serving local cuisine prepared one of the hotel's kitchen staff.

  • Gordon talks with Cali about how guests laugh at her singing performances.

  • Overnight, the Hotel Hell team transformed a bland room into a colorful oasis.

  • The staff tries out the hotel's new poolside menu!

  • While the staff is excited about all of the changes, Cali is worried about how much extra work there will be.

  • Gordon checks in with guests at the hotel's first pool party.

  • Gordon heads to Upstate New York to check into The Cambridge Hotel. It has 16 rooms, a large restaurant, and has been open for almost 150 years.

  • When Gordon is shown to his room, his head spins; it is dated and uncomfortable.

  • The hotel owners are $700,000 in debt and have even borrowed money from their children to stay afloat. Tina is ready to run away from it.

  • Gordon learns that nearly all of the food from the kitchen is sous-vide.

  • After a successful night in the restaurant, everyone agrees that John needs to step back and let the proper people make decisions.

  • After working through the night, the bedrooms were outfitted with $75,000 worth on new linens and filled with proper furniture.

  • Sous chef Scooter learns that Gordon will be personally financing his culinary education.

  • The Keating Hotel lies in the center of the buzzing Gaslamp District of San Diego, CA.

  • Everything at the Keating is just the way the owner, Eddie, wanted it. His inspiration was a Ferrari.

  • Eddie sank a ton of money into the design of his hotel (hiring car designers to do it), but didn't spend much on things the hotel really needed.

  • Gordon learns that the from desk staff also take room service orders, wash sheets, clean rooms, and anything else that needs to be done.

  • After collapsing from anxiety, Gordon helps Chef Brian reignite passion for cooking with an updated menu.

  • After Gordon's team worked through the night to make the rooms more comfortable, Eddie and his staff are blown away.

  • Gordon and Chef Brian shock the staff with a vibrant new menu. Room service will now be fully operated by the kitchen and not served in take-out containers.

  • Now that guests are more important than Eddie, everyone at The Keating is happier.

Gordon tries to talk some sense into the party boy managers of Murphy's Hotel.