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9 Chefs Compete Part 2

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Aired: 10/13/10

With the nine remaining contestants still hanging in there, they receive an early morning wake-up call from sous chef Scott, who then shuttles them all off to a high-end grocery store where Chef Ramsay is waiting. He explains that for their next challenge, each team will have to create four dishes: a lamb, a chicken, a beef, and a pork. Each individual will be responsible for cooking one dish (except for Gail and Jillian, who will be paired up). Each team gets $60 and 20 minutes to shop.

Though the Blue Team stays on the budget, the Red Team goes over and blames Sabrina's expensive lentils for the misstep. They end up buying less chicken in order to bring the total down.

Back in "Hell's Kitchen," the chefs get 45 minutes to transform their meats and other ingredients into entrees worthy of a fine dining restaurant. Jillian expresses concern that Sabrina's lentils may take too long, while Russell rides his team members, ruffling some feathers.

Chef Ramsay and a panel of guest judges will give each entrée a price and the team with the highest combined total will win the challenge.

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