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Andi Van Willigan SOUS CHEF

Born and raised in Southern California, Andi Van Willigan has always had a passion for cooking. She grew up helping her father in the kitchen, as dinner was always a sit-down meal for the family and a time to enjoy good food, family and friends.

She began her formal culinary career at the Boston Culinary Group in Pasadena, CA. She ran her own catering company before joining the Stonehill Tavern, Michael Mina's acclaimed restaurant in Monarch Beach, CA. Van Willigan spent the previous four years as the Corporate Executive Sous Chef for the Michael Mina Group and traveled across the U.S. helping to open 11 multi-million-dollar restaurants for the group in eight states.

Van Willigan has worked with Chef Gordon Ramsay as Sous Chef for the past six seasons on HELL'S KITCHEN and the last three seasons of KITCHEN NIGHTMARES. She has helped open Chef Ramsay’s restaurants in Montreal, Canada and Gordon Ramsay Steak in Las Vegas. As Sous Chef, she keeps the teams and restaurants on task and performing up to Gordon Ramsay's unrelenting standards. Additionally, she is currently working on MASTERCHEF as a Culinary Producer and is set to go on the road again with Chef Ramsay to film HOTEL HELL later this Spring.

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