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Briana Swanson ELIMINATED

Briana Swanson

  • What was your first job in a kitchen?

    My first cooking job was working a grilled cheese cart in college! I added on quesadillas and reubens and was pretty proud of myself. That also allowed me to become friends with the bicycle cops, which came in handy.

  • What is the first dish you ever mastered?

    Risotto. I loved that it required constant attention because I like to mess with things (another reason I'm not a pastry chef), and getting that perfect balance is like an art.

  • What is your signature dish?

    Duck with Sugar Spice Sauce

  • Any stories of triumph from the kitchen? Disaster?

    My "signature dish" that I prepared for Chef Ramsay, which I had actually never made before! You'll have to watch and see if it's a disaster or triumph.

  • Who was your first cooking inspiration?

    My late aunt Maureen. I remember she prepared a shrimp soup that I was amazed by, and I thought to myself, "I want to learn how to do this."