We could say the same about you, Alfred. #Gotham


Gordon confronts a suspect who is connected to Galavan, but falls short of obtaining any information. Meanwhile, Bruce gets one step closer to discovering the name of his parents' killer.

Gordon and Barnes continue cleaning up Gotham, and Gordon comes face-to-face with one of the city's most dangerous hitmen, Eduardo Flamingo. Meanwhile, Nygma and Penguin cross paths again, and Bruce pressures Galavan into handing over the...

"I am whole." — Ed Nygma❓ #Gotham


Galavan sends Barbara after Jim Gordon, while he tries to make a business deal with Bruce Wayne. Barnes and Bullock are hot on Barbara's trail, and Nygma has a run-in with a familiar face.

Season 2

Aired Nov 23 2015
Episode 10
Aired Nov 16 2015
Episode 9
Aired Nov 9 2015
Episode 8
Aired Nov 2 2015
Episode 7
Aired Oct 26 2015
Episode 6