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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information and System Requirements

Flash Player

The Flash Player shows exceptional video with streams that automatically adjust to changing network conditions leveraging new quality-of-service metrics to provide a better streaming experience.

What are the system requirements for the Flash Player?


Mac OS X

Why do video clips sometimes stutter or pause during playback?

Video may stutter or pause during playback if your Internet connection is not fast enough or if your computer has an unusually slow processor or little RAM. Even on broadband connections, Internet congestion or traffic can result in choppy playback or repeated buffering. You can check your actual internet bandwidth here.

Why isn't the player displaying on a web page?

Some corporate networks, firewalls, and ad-blocking software may prevent the player from displaying. Please check with your Network Administrator to ensure that Flash video is permitted on your network. Also, disable any ad-blocking software that might prevent Flash media from loading.

The player is displaying a message that says "The video you are trying to watch is currently unavailable." Why?

This problem can have a number of causes: