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Aired May 17 2015Episode 23

Jake and Amy go undercover to catch Brooklyn's most notorious identity thief, and the case brings them closer together – very close.

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Aired May 10 2015Episode 22

Holt is wary when Wuntch lets Jake work his dream case, worried that she is setting him up to fail.

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Aired May 3 2015Episode 21

Jake is excited to work a case with the best detective in the NYPD, Detective Majors, until Majors shares his intentions to ask Amy out on a date.

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Aired Apr 26 2015Episode 20

After Jake injures himself on a case, Terry forces him to take time off and rest -- something Jake doesn't know how to do.

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Aired Mar 15 2015Episode 19

After a streak of really bad luck, Jake thinks he's being sabotaged by an enemy.

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Aired Mar 8 2015Episode 18

Jake's father comes to town.

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Aired Mar 1 2015Episode 17

It's the day of Gina and Charles' parents' wedding, and the whole squad is given a job to fulfill for the ceremony.

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Aired Feb 15 2015Episode 16

Jake invades Captain Holt's personal life.

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Aired Feb 8 2015Episode 15

The Nine-Nine has a hostage situation.

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Aired Jan 25 2015Episode 14

Jake meets Sophia's boss.

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Aired Jan 11 2015Episode 13

The squad decides it's high time Jake paid them back all the money he has owed them from over the years.

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Aired Jan 4 2015Episode 12

The team is excited to spend the weekend at Charles’ beach house for a detectives-only-getaway, until Jake ruins the fun by inviting Captain Holt.

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Aired Dec 14 2014Episode 11

Jake and Charles' bro-mance starts to crack when they volunteer for an eight-day stakeout together.

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Aired Dec 7 2014Episode 10

The Pontiac bandit returns.

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Aired Nov 30 2014Episode 9

A road trip takes a romantic twist.

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Aired Nov 23 2014Episode 8

In an attempt to catch a drug dealer, Jake and Charles join forces with the lead investigator at the U.S. Postal Service.

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Aired Nov 16 2014Episode 7

The precinct goes into lockdown mode on Thanksgiving night.

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Aired Nov 9 2014Episode 6

Jake hits it off with a woman whom he meets at a bar, only to find out she's the defense attorney for a perp whom he's trying to put in jail.

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Aired Nov 2 2014Episode 5

Holt and Jake must find a mole in the precinct.

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Aired Oct 19 2014Episode 4

The Peralta/Holt annual Halloween bet continues when Jake challenges the Captain that he can steal his watch before midnight.

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Aired Oct 12 2014Episode 3

The precinct competes in the Jimmy Jab games.

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Aired Oct 5 2014Episode 2

Holt's longtime nemesis, Deputy Chief Madeline Wuntch (guest star Kyra Sedgwick), arrives for an inspection of the 99th.

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Aired Sep 28 2014Episode 1

Jake returns to the Nine-Nine.

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