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The Secret In The Siege

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Aired: 4/29/13


Pelant enters his lair. He has several monitors set up. One of the monitors beeps. The camera is set up outside a local grocery store. The monitor beeps again and focuses in on Brennan packing her groceries into her car. Pelant saves the screen grab on Brennan's face and adds it to other screen grabs of Booth and Brennan throughout their lives. Pelant turns his head to reveal his face half shot off and scarred.

Brennan unloads the groceries at home with Booth. Booth gets a care package from his mother and Reggie. Booth tells Brennan he thinks she is starting to warm up to the idea of marriage. Brennan tells him that just because she caught the bouquet doesn't mean that her mind has changed. Booth gets a call-there's a body at a state park.

The couple arrives on the scene. Cam and Hodgins update them. The park trail has been closed and just reopened today. Hodgins has determined time of death five days ago based on blowfly larvae. Brennan determines the victim was male in his mid-fifties. Cam notes that the victim's face has been blown off and there are multiple gunshot wounds. Cam shows Booth a nearby picnic table with blood and slug on it.

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