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The Pathos In The Pathogens

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Aired: 4/22/13


The forensic platform is covered with a plastic biohazard tent. Air purifiers and other equipment line the tent. Brennan regulates and instructs the team to put on their Hazmat suits. The gang gets changed and ready in the Autopsy Room. Cam informs everyone that the CDC is ready and holding and has photos from the body find for them to look at.

Brennan pulls the pictures up on the monitor. Angela notes that the skull is crushed therefore a reconstruction may be impossible. The body was found in a facility that disposes of biohazard material and found with veterinary waste. Brennan informs everyone that they thought the damage was necrotizing fasciitis but Arastoo adds that it would not have advanced at this pace. CDC is still unsure if it is viral, bacterial, airborne, or blood-borne. The Jeffersonian team is suited up and ready.

At the FBI, Sweets and Booth go over the information they know. The facility the body was found had a surprise inspection with the CDC. Booth is hoping the killer isn't sloppy leaving them to a pandemic.

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