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The Party In The Pants

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Aired: 4/15/13


A scared young boy, Dale, sits in an excavator while his Aunt Alice barks orders at him. Dale cannot handle the controls of the machine. Aunt Alice continues to tell Dale what to do, but he loses control and picks up a massive heap at the demolition site. He unintentionally drops the load on top of Aunt Alice. Dale rushes over to help her and sees that a decomposed body has been dropped on her.

Booth gets the call about the body and comes into his office in the FBI to see a woman waiting for him. Booth immediately recognizes her-it's his mother, Marianne. Marianne apologizes for the past. Booth isn't angry at the past and is happy to see her. He tells her that she is a grandmother and that she can stay with him.

Booth and Brennan arrive at the demolition site. Brennan announces the news of Booth's mother in town to Cam and Hodgins. Brennan determines the victim is a Cacausion male. Cam puts time of death around 4 days ago. Hodgins notices that the victim's clothing is a firefighter uniform but changes his mind when he notices that the victim is wearing a thong with dollar bills. The victim was a stripper.

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