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The Maiden In The Mushrooms

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Aired: 4/1/13


Two young adults sneak into a warehouse searching for a clue. They are participating in an elaborate treasure hunt that was set up by their friends Ryan and Christie. While the basement of the warehouse is creepy, the two continue if only to show up their friends. In the middle of the floor is a patch of dirt covered in mushrooms. They are digging through it in hopes of finding the next clue when the young male finds something within the dirt. He pulls out what he thinks is a small bottle only to find a partially decayed skull! The two shout and run out of the room.

Brennan is working in the kitchen when Booth returns home with a sleeping Christine. Apparently Christine is something of an artist, as Booth is holding a lovely finger painting that she did in day care. While Brennan enumerates the various famous artists that her daughter's work is reminiscent of, Booth mentions that Christine's teacher would like the two of them to come in. Christine bit a kid, allegedly. Bones refuses to believe it, Christine would NEVER bite someone. Their conversation is interrupted when their cell phones go off announcing the discovery of the warehouse body.

Illuminated by work lights, the warehouse basement is now a fully functioning crime scene. Brennan, Cam, Booth, and Hodgins analyze the remains. The mushrooms growing through the body are peculiar; it would seem that the fluids from the decomposing victim activated dormant spores. The study of the mushrooms gives time of death, twenty to thirty days prior to discovery. There haven't been any missing person reports in the area, but the quality of clothing and dental work would imply that the victim wasn't homeless. Brennan identifies the body as a woman who would have been in her mid twenties. Further analysis is stunted by Brennan's refusal to stop talking about her daughters biting accusation.

Finn enters the Ookey Room, interrupting Hodgins who is studying grubs. Finn is furious because

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