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The Blood From The Stones

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Aired: 3/25/13


Booth and Brennan arrive to a vacant lot to survey the crime scene. They are faced with a twisted face victim that was stuffed into an abandoned car in a vacant lot. This fascinates Brennan but Booth doesn't understand: the victim still has skin, no bones. Cam tells them this is a case of microclimates. Brennan adds this happens when the remains decay in two different ways because it is exposed to different climates. Booth notes that the victim's clothes have been ripped and torn apart as if someone was looking for something. Booth opens the trunk to find a sawed-off shotgun, which doesn't have serial numbers. Brennan notes that the victim was shot twice but not by the shotgun. Booth notes that that the car door also has two shots to it but the slugs have been torn out.

Hodgins is fascinated with the microclimates as well when he examines the remains on the platform. Cam joins the team to introduce, Andrew Jursic, a documentarian who will be filming the case to raise money for the Jeffersonian. Brennan is not warm to Andrew but Hodgins is very excited. Cam gets back to the remains and removes the abdominal tissue. There is a balloon in the victim's stomach. Everyone thinks its drugs. However, when Brennan cuts it open diamonds spill out!


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