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The Survivor In The Soap

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Aired: 3/4/13


Cam spots Arastoo on his way out of the lab and pulls him into the autopsy room for a quick kiss. Sadly, they have to cut it short because they have dinner reservations. Arastoo will leave the lab first, of course, to avoid any suspicion of impropriety.

As Arastoo exits the lab an FBI tech with a barrel stops him. The tech is looking for Cam. Cam, overhearing the request, steps out of autopsy and joins the two men at the entrance. Both Arastoo and Cam try to avoid taking on any more work, but the remains found inside the techs barrel allay any such notions. It looks like they aren't going to make their dinner reservations after all.

Booth and Brennan's feed Christine in their kitchen. As they do so Booth floats the idea of the two of them taking a trip together. However, Booth and Brennan have disparate ideas of what would make for an ideal vacation spot. Booth wants sex and beaches; Brennan wants someplace she can learn from. The friendly disagreement is interrupted when both their cell phones ring: there's a body.

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