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The Fact In The Fiction

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Aired: 2/25/13


A new farmer enjoys his new lifestyle in the country and doesn't miss the city life. While riding on his tractor it picks up a dead body in his crop! He's horrified!

Booth and Brennan arrive at the farm. Booth is trying to convince Brennan to invest in asteroid farming but Brennan doesn't understand Booth's desire. Based on the bugs and larvae Hodgins determines time of death five days ago. Hodgins is on board for asteroid farming, Booth appreciates his support. Brennan notices coyote marks on the bones and cannot find the skull but can determine the victim is male. Brennan needs the remains back to the lab.

Booth and Brennan have a quick bite at the diner. Brennan is still unsupportive to Booth's mining dreams. Suddenly, a bloodied, disheveled man walks in asking for Brennan. He reaches into his bag. Booth draws his gun and has the man go to the ground. The man tells him he has something for Brennan. He slides his bag over to her and the skull of the victim rolls's Brennan's new intern!

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Episode Title Description Air Date Expires
10/5 The Corpse at the... (43:56)  
The Corpse at the ConventionThe team attends a forensic science convention and discovers the remains of a body in a stairwell.
10/30/2014 12/11/2014
10/4 The Geek in the Guck (43:00)  
The Geek in the GuckThe team investigates the murder of a video game designer whose remains were found washed up in a river.
10/16/2014 12/04/2014
10/3 The Purging of the... (43:42)  
The Purging of the PunditThe team investigates the death of a conservative radio host.
10/09/2014 11/20/2014
10/2 The Lance to the... (43:54)  
The Lance to the HeartThe team digs deeper into the Federal Government's cover-up.
10/02/2014 11/13/2014
10/1 The Conspiracy In... (43:53)  
The Conspiracy In The CorpseIn the Season 10 premiere, Brennan and the Jeffersonian team are desperately working to clear Booth's name and get him out of jail.
09/25/2014 11/06/2014

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