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The Friend In Need

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Aired: 2/18/13


A homeless man brings in a beat up suitcase that he found by the river to the local pawnshop. The owner of the shop has no interest in the suitcase. The homeless man opens the suitcase to find a bloody, gooey body shoved inside it! The pawnshop owner DEFINITELY doesn't want it now.

The next morning at Booth & Brennan's house, Booth does the newspaper crossword. Brennan tries to help but Booth doesn't appreciate her "know it all" attitude. He tells Brennan she doesn't have to be the smartest all the time. Brennan gets a call that the remains are at the lab.

Brennan joins Finn, Cam, and Hodgins on the platform to examine inside the suitcase. Hodgins believes that the suitcase was knocked from the shipping channel and came in with the tide. Brennan examines the mandible and determines the victim is male and in his teens. Hodgins needs to examine the krill and plankton to determine where the suitcase was originally dumped. Hodgins brings up Michelle to Finn and Cam but Finn is tight lipped on discussing any personal matters in front of his girlfriend's mother.

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