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The Corpse On The Canopy

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Aired: 1/21/13

Angela and Hodgins have a startling wake up call in their home when they find a body hanging from the canopy of their bed. The couple runs to Michael Vincent's crib to find bloody petals lying in his bed.

Brennan and Booth rush over to their house. They have dropped Christine somewhere safe. Brennan tells Booth that Angela believes they were drugged and that Pelant is back.

Brennan examines the body in the canopy which is missing it's skin, mandible, and internal organs. She determines the body is male. Brennan needs to have Cam assess the tissue incisions to help determine if it's Pelant's work. Angela gives them the petals, which Hodgins has determined, are Crocus Sativus from Egypt. Booth wants to call a team in to get the body to the lab but Hodgins doesn't want anything in the system. Booth tells him they need to stay in the system.

Caroline, Sweets, and Booth visit the lab. It has a military grade surveillance panels lying the ceiling for protection. Booth tells them that all calls are used on burner cells and no computers are to be used. Cam takes some of Hodgins blood to get tested. They need ID the gas that was used on him and Angela. Cam tells Hodgins to go examine the petals.

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