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The Archaeologist In The Cocoon

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Aired: 1/14/13


A skydiver who is stuck in a nearby tree finds a cocooned skeleton on a nearby branch next to him.

Brennan tries to play peek-a-boo with Christine in their family's kitchen. Christine isn't interested in playing. Sweets comes into the kitchen and tries to play too. Booth gets a call about the cocooned body in the woods. Booth and Brennan leave Sweets to take Christine to daycare.

In the woods, Cam examines the victim's jeep and finds blood on the passenger seat that's been wiped clean. Came cuts the seats open and finds more blood. Booth theorizes that someone pushed the car down into the woods. Brennan and Hodgins ride a cherry picker to examine the body. In the tree Hodgins theorizes that the victim could be Mothman. Brennan determines the victim is a Caucasian male, not Mothman. Brennan tries to cut into the cocoon, Hodgins objects but Brennan tells him she'll be gentile. She cuts a tiny slit into the cocoon and bugs fall onto Brennan's face.

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