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The Diamond In The Rough

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Aired: 1/14/13


Sweets spends the night in watching the television show, "Paranormal Abnormalities." The host, Palmer Heston, looks in a quarry for apparitions. Palmer notices a green glowing light and runs towards it. A bejeweled body lies on the ground-Sweets cannot believe his eyes.

The next morning at the diner, Angela and Brennan have breakfast. Brennan talks about her work but Angela is less than enthused about hers. She doesn't feel like an artist anymore. Brennan gets a call that the remains are at the lab, Angela tells Brennan she's going to stay and finish her meal. Brennan tells Angela that her fatigue from work and Michael Vincent can change her mood.

Booth joins Brennan on the Lab Platform, Brennan determines the victim is female and that time of death was six days ago. Hodgins tells them that the jewels are a mix of calcite, mica flakes, and prehnite which formed from the quarry's water run off. Once the heat came and evaporated the water, the crystals stuck to the bones. Cam takes off the victim's shoes-there are remodeled fractures on both feet and evidence of trigonum syndrome. Also, Cam notices the victim's shorts are at her ankles suggesting a sexual assault. Wendell takes it upon himself to try and remove the crystals from the bones, but instead snaps the victim's hand off. Brennan is horrified.

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