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The Ghost In The Machine

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Aired: 12/3/12


Hodgins finds the skull covered in wasps in an abandoned greenhouse. Booth and Brennan join the scene. Brennan notes that the victim died between four months and three and half years ago, Booth isn't impressed with that window of time. Booth urges Brennan to take a guess on the gender. Although Brennan is reluctant, she predicts the victim is a fourteen-year-old male. Hodgins, Brennan, and Booth feel for the youngster. Hodgins grabs soil samples and the skull and the gang heads for the lab.


Hodgins carries the skull into the lab. Angela's psychic, Avalon Harmonia, interrupts Hodgins who is speaking to the skull. Hodgins scolds Angela for bringing Avalon to the lab, but Avalon tells Hodgins that she heard the victim calling her. He has unfinished business that she needs to help him with. Cam and Brennan enter very displeased to see Avalon, not believing Avalon's theory. Angela takes Avalon to her office. The remains arrive on the platform. Brennan and Cam note the victim's remodeled wrists, elbows, patella, and coccyx. Hodgins finds a wasps' nest in the skull that can help find time of death. The group all being parents to a child, wants to get answers about the boy's death.

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