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The But In The Joke

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Aired: 11/26/12


Street artist, Seth Zalinsky, stands on a billboard catwalk and hangs a poster over a billboard. He slips and falls off the catwalk. When Seth comes to, Booth and Brennan are there. Seth won't tell them his identity. Seth is stable but glued to decomposed human remains.

Hodgins comes into Angela office and needs her special peanut butter to help get the remains off Seth. Angela doesn't want to share, she needs her PB especially because she got a ticket at Broadway and Nash this morning. Finally, she gives in and gives him her stash.

Seth lays on the lab table with human remains still attached to him. Fisher determines the victim is a Caucasian male with a fused C5 and C6 vertebrae. Cam goes to find out what doctor fused the neck bones to help determine the identity. Brennan leaves Fisher to figure out how to detach the remains. Hodgins and Angela come onto the platform with the peanut butter. Angela notices the poster that Seth was trying to hang. Angela realizes that he is the famous street artist Zed.

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