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The Bod In The Pod

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Aired: 11/19/12


Booth, Brennan, and Hodgins arrive in Ocean City where there has been a finding of a body in a large pod. Brennan takes out her portable fluoroscope to determine the victim is male. Hodgins is fascinated by the pod and all the theories of pod people that come with it. Hodgins is stumped on what the pod is actually made of...could this be the return of pod people?

Arastoo tells Cam that he has checked his records and is owed over two hundred dollars from his hours. Cam tells him she will check with payroll, Arastoo urges her to since he has a special dinner planned. Angela comes into the Autopsy Room to tell her that her doctor keeps texting her to see if Cam's available. Cam tells Angela that she already told the doctor she can't date him but she will tell him again...she's already dating someone else. Arastoo leaves to let them have girl talk. The news of Cam's dating life excites Angela, but Cam won't tell her any details about her new guy. No fun.

Arastoo and Hodgins examine the pod on the platform. Hodgins uses a laser to cut through the pod. Arastoo removes a piece of the pod and Hodgins leans in to take a closer look at the remains. Hodgins is revolted by the smell and suddenly faints, falling to the ground.

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