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The Tiger In The Tale

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Aired: 10/8/12


A disgruntled couple's car is stuck in a ditch. The husband tries to push the car out of the ditch while his wife controls the wheel. While giving the car gas, it spits mud and particles back at the husband. He chokes on something and stops. His wife gets out to check on him and sees a partial face stuck to her husband's shirt, as well as other body parts sticking out from the mud.

At the Brennan/Booth residence, Booth reads the newspaper while Brennan compiles a list of pro's and con's for running for president. Booth isn't exactly supportive of Brennan's idea. Booth gets a call about the body in the ditch.

At the ditch, Booth and Brennan meet Hodgins and Cam. Hodgins uses a vacuum hose to suck up all the bugs on the body. Brennan determines that the victim is male in his 20's. An FBI tech tells Brennan that the husband swallowed something. Brennan rushes over and examines the husband's throat with a cotton swab soaked in ipecac syrup. The husband immediately vomits and Brennan picks up the tooth that the husband swallowed.

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