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The Future In The Past

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Aired: 9/17/12


A blonde Brennan sits in an open field with baby Christine showing her daughter pictures of Booth. Max joins the girls and they gather their belongings up to move to their next location.

Angela works hard in her office to try and decode Ethan Sawyer's triangle. Hodgins comes in to her office to try and urge his wife to focus on other things than Pelant, but getting Brennan back to the Jeffersonian is more important than anything.

Booth works hard at a desk in the FBI bullpen. Agent Hayes Flynn asks if he has had any contact with Brennan. A frustrated Booth tells him that he has no idea where she is. Flynn tells Booth he still has to follow procedure and check all of Booth's phone calls, emails, etc. Booth ignores Flynn and gets up to go take his lunch break. Flynn notices a Post-It note on Booth's desk: Pelant--Brookside Shelter.

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