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The Past in the Present

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Aired: 5/14/12


Caroline Julian barks at the head of the Parole Board, Harriet Grover, not to let hacktivist Christopher Pelant walk free. Harriet tells Caroline to shut up and sit down. Caroline joins silent Booth and Brennan. Pelant's lawyer, Meg Vinnicombe, explains to the board that her client has lived within the guidelines of his sentence and that the FBI has done nothing but harass her client. Pelant apologizes for his past behavior, claiming he is a changed man. Booth doesn't buy it and interjects, telling Harriet that Pelant is still a suspect in two murder investigations. This is news to Harriet. Brennan presents her with files containing information about the case. Harriet looks at the horrific pictures of the dead bodies. With the new information, Harriet denies Pelant's parole until the board can analyze the files. Suddenly, a wolf's howl fills the room. It coming from Booth and Brennan's cell phones-the ringtone has been changed.

Later that night, Booth and Brennan join Cam at a crime scene in the woods. Cam explains that a couple on an ATV found the remains. Booth gets a text message from the priest performing Christine's baptism-everything's all set. Brennan is supportive of Booth's decision to have their daughter baptized but doesn't plan on attending. The gang meets Hodgins, who is examining the body. The victim is male, in his late 30's with little tissue left. Brennan notes that the dentition on the bones is from a pack of wolves. She also notices a remodeled break that is 28mm long on the medial epicondyle and the trochlea. Hodgins places time of death around two days ago, based on Piophilidae eggs on the body. Hodgins notes that the victim was wearing scrubs. Brennan realizes that she was the one who set the break. Pelant killed her friend!

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