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The Suit on the Set

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Aired: 5/7/12


The Jeffersonian team, minus Booth and Brennan, watch a publicity video for Brennan's book, now movie, "Bone of Contention" on the platform. The gang is in awe of Cherie Redfern, who plays Dr. Kathy Reichs, and Blaine Conway, who plays Special Agent Andy Lister.

In Hollywood, Booth and Brennan visit the set of the movie. Booth is in love with the donuts on set while Brennan is concerned that the script changes are not accurate. Writer Liam Toynen explains to Brennan that there were only minor changes. Demanding director Jocco Kent is growing impatient as everyone waits for the cast to get ready. While B & B wait, Mandy OH, VP of Production, introduces herself to the couple. Brennan voices her concerns again about the script, however, Mandy is too distracted by her cell phone.

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