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The Twist in the Twister

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Aired: 12/8/11


Camp Director Mrs. Allen takes applicant Jill around Camp Patawomeck's grounds. Jill admits to Mrs. Allen that she's not exactly a camp-lover, but needs this job to help pay for college. Jill trips into some nearby shrubs. Mrs. Allen goes to help her and they both notice a skull.

Angela brings Hodgins an extra large coffee. Michael sits in his stroller, wide-awake. The new parents haven't slept in weeks and are running on empty. Billy F. Gibbons joins the couple in the Ookey Room. Angela is surprised to see her father. Hodgins admits he was too tired to remember to tell Angela about his visit. Billy F. Gibbons brings Michael a toy guitar. He offers to watch Michael while the couple goes to work, but they insist Michael go to daycare, since that is the only place he sleeps.

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Episode Title Description Air Date Expires
10/1 The Conspiracy In... (43:53)  
The Conspiracy In The CorpseIn the Season 10 premiere, Brennan and the Jeffersonian team are desperately working to clear Booth’s name and get him out of jail.
09/25/2014 11/06/2014
9/24 The Recluse in the... (43:02)  
The Recluse in the ReclinerBooth becomes a target in an ongoing investigation.
05/19/2014 10/30/2014
9/23 The Drama in the... (43:58)  
The Drama in the QueenThe team investigates the murder of a man leading a double life.
05/12/2014 10/16/2014
9/22 The Nail in the... (42:51)  
The Nail in the CoffinThe team gets closer to discovering the identity of the ghost killer.
04/21/2014 10/09/2014
9/21 The Cold in the Case (43:21)  
The Cold in the CaseA murder victim is found cryogenically frozen.
04/14/2014 Tomorrow

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