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The Prince in the Plastic

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Aired: 11/17/11


Matt and Karen Garelik sift through a trash-filled ravine looking for goodies they can bring back to their antique shop. An old refrigerator shifts and tumbles down the hill toward the couple. It misses them and pushes a large crate across the open field. The couple notices a plastic wrapped gelatinous mass that was under the crate. Matt goes to see what it is and trips over some trash. He falls on top of the mass to reveal a decaying skull within the plastic wrap.

Booth, Brennan, and Sweets grab coffee at Capital Grind and discuss the possibility of Sweets becoming certified to carry a gun. Booth is against the idea, but Sweets feels having a gun would be beneficial since Brennan won't be in the field as much due to her pregnancy. Brennan supports Sweets getting his gun certification. Sweets changes the subject by asking how the couple's house hunt is going. Their hunt has come to a stall, because Brennan wants an acre of land and Booth wants a man cave.

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