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The Memories in the Shallow Grave

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Aired: 11/3/11


There's a battle brewing on the paintball field. Camouflaged soldiers run around, splatters of paint hitting them left and right. One solider, Buster, breaks off from the group to find safety. His plan backfires and he is pelted with colored paint. He falls, his mask obscured by paint, next to another person. Buster believes it's another solider until he touches the person's rotting face and realizes his fallen comrade is really a corpse.

Booth and Brennan make breakfast in Booth's crowded kitchen. The couple has decided to split their time between each other's places, but the arrangement isn't working. They discuss the possibility of having one place they can call home. They are interrupted by Booth's phone...there's a murder to be solved.

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Episode Title Description Air Date Expires
10/4 The Geek in the Guck (43:00)  
The Geek in the GuckThe team investigates the murder of a video game designer whose remains were found washed up in a river.
10/16/2014 12/04/2014
10/3 The Purging of the... (43:42)  
The Purging of the PunditThe team investigates the death of a conservative radio host.
10/09/2014 11/20/2014
10/2 The Lance to the... (43:54)  
The Lance to the HeartThe team digs deeper into the Federal Government's cover-up.
10/02/2014 11/13/2014
10/1 The Conspiracy In... (43:53)  
The Conspiracy In The CorpseIn the Season 10 premiere, Brennan and the Jeffersonian team are desperately working to clear Booth's name and get him out of jail.
09/25/2014 11/06/2014
9/24 The Recluse in the... (43:02)  
The Recluse in the ReclinerBooth becomes a target in an ongoing investigation.
05/19/2014 10/30/2014

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