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The Truth in the Myth

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Aired: 4/14/11


A couple that met online, Gary and Kim, fumble through their first date in the woods. Gary clutches his binoculars as he tries to spot butterflies. Kim is less than enthused. She didn't come on this date for butterflies. She came on this date for passion! She pulls Gary into a kiss next to a swarm of butterflies. As they roll around on the ground, the butterflies disperse, revealing a total mood killer: a corpse.

Hodgins believes the butterflies were attracted to the remains. They eat all sorts of unappetizing things. Brennan reports that the victim is male. His ribs are splayed open and all the blood was drained from his body. Bite marks could indicate an animal attack. She smells sulfur while Hodgins investigates a noise in the woods. He finds a goat.

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