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The Bullet in the Brain

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Aired: 1/27/11


Sweets provides psychological counsel to the Grave Digger as she is transported to court to appeal her death sentence. He is uncomfortable as the Grave Digger tries to rattle him, calling him the "weakest link" and saying that Sweets reminds her of her victims. Sweets is thankful when they finally make it to the courthouse. An angry mob has gathered to protest. They DO NOT want Taffet to win her appeal.

Booth and Caroline Julian are waiting for the police transport van. But there is something wrong with the gate to the parking garage. What does Taffet have up her sleeve? Guards move to unload their prisoner in the middle of the protest. As Taffet is being led away, her HEAD EXPLODES! Her skull and brain splatter the ground, the van and Sweets. Protesters run for cover. Booth catches sight of James Kent, the father of two of the Grave Digger's victim. He has a video camera and he stands, unmoving, watching the whole scene.

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